The Christmas Year Round Book Club Kickoff!

I was invited to be part of a fun event beginning this month: the Christmas Year Round Book Club.

Yes, we’re all aware that Christmas is in December. But Christmas is about hope and joy and lots of other wonderful things that makes us feel warm and fuzzy, so we’d like to extend that feeling to all year long! Each month through September, I’ll feature a different author, as well as a free book they offer (if they offer one). Get excited folks!

This month, is Ellie Hall. If you want to check out all Ellie’s books, I highly recommend it. She is a master at romantic comedy, but she’d also got a slew of cowboy romances as well. Yes please! 🙂

Let’s get this party started!

Ellie’s book, Tommy + Merry and the Twelve Days of Christmas, kick’s off the Costa brother Cozy Christmas series. Here’s a little blurb about that fantastic series to get you a little familiar: Meet the Costa family. A bit loud. A little crazy. A whole lotta lovable! These six brothers go all in, opening a pizza parlor in a small town to help out their retired parents. They anticipate success, but they’re not expecting to find love. This clean, feel-good, romantic comedy series brings laughs, friends to love, enemies to love, second chances, grumpy guys, cinnamon rolls, and a lot of sunshine despite the backdrop of winter!

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No matter which way you slice it, pizza and pie are delicious, but love is complicated.

My lifelong dream is to open a pie shop in my hometown. But because I’m flat broke, to defray the liability, the leasing agent insists I go into business with what’s sure to be a pimply pizza boy.

Problem 1: He’s more like an Italian Stallion. Problem 2: That tossing action really builds the biceps. Is it hot in here? I’ll blame it on the oven. Problem 3: I knew Tommy in college and he still bakes my buns.

To reunite my family, I’m opening a pizza place. The catch is I have to share the space with a pie baker. Not going to happen. As a former fireman, I’m all about teamwork, but I’m not sharing the dough.

Problem 1: Back in college, as a joke, we made a marriage pact. Problem 2: Like a pair of responsible adults, we agreed not to mix business and pleasure. Problem 3: Ten years later, Merry is still a cutie pie.

With a flurry of orders, twelve families in need, and a pie thief on the loose, it’s hard to know if we can crust each other. Trust. That was supposed to be trust each other. I’ve got pie (and Tommy) on my mind…and heart.

Actually, those are the least of our problems. With only twelve days until Christmas, we have to prove to the building owner that we’re the best business for the spot or risk losing it to a chain coffee shop…and with all the pressure and stress, we also risk losing each other.

This is book 1 in the Costa Brothers Cozy Christmas Comfort Romance Series, following six single, stubborn, and loyal brothers as they find their happily ever afters. They’re clean and wholesome romance, faith-friendly, stand alone stories but are best enjoyed together.

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Ellie also has a FREE book you can get when you sign up for her newsletter, which is a great thing to be part of. You get first looks and it’s a great time. 🙂

About New Year With the Billionaire:

Out with the old. In with the billionaire.  

Isabella’s mother plays matchmaker to pair her daughter up with the perfect Italian man.  But she already fell in love with “the one” years ago and then said goodbye when he broke her heart.

During a snowstorm on New Year’s Eve, an unexpected visitor appears at Isabella’s party, forcing her to confront the past.

Matteo says hello to the girl he could never forget and hopes they can start over in the new year.

The old collides with the new in this sweet, contemporary romance when “ciao” means goodbye and hello.

Alright friends! Let me know if you snagged either book, or both, and what you thought! I can’t wait to be back next month with a brand new book! I’ll keep updating this space