True love is only one match away.

Eggnog in

the Evergreens

They were never supposed to fall in love, let alone elope in Vegas. But love doesn’t pick sides.

In a season that’s supposed to be about finding your soulmate and celebrating Christmas, can they withstand the secrets and rise to the challenge?

Sugar Cookie Christmas

A decade ago they eloped in Vegas, and not long after her father demanded they get their marriage annulled. Too bad the paperwork went missing, and they’re actually still husband and wife.

The towns Matchmakers are at work again, trying to mend a marriage broken by young love and feuding families. Not only do they set Emma up for the annual Christmas bachelorette auction at the Christmas dance, they pair them together for the Christmas baking contest too. No matter how much distance they try to keep between each other, Emma and Miles find themselves stuck together at one holiday event after another, and eventually, their walls come down.

But will wounds from their past let them work enough toward the future to still have a happily ever after?

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